QooApp | Free QooApp download the latest version 2021

If you want to play games that come from Japan, Korea, or China but are blocked then QooApp app is the choice for you to download. Not only can you play games, but the app also allows you to download comics from Japan easily. Let’s find out more about this app.



About QooApp

App is a useful and reliable application for Android users. When using this app, you can find many unique and attractive titles, and those that are locked in many countries as well as can read international comics.

While there are many ways to download banned games, most of these are unsafe. Meanwhile, app not only supports downloading banned games but is also very secure for users’ devices and personal data.

In addition, the app will constantly update the latest news about the games as well as the upcoming games. Currently, the app also has a box of player rating systems to suggest which games are the most popular.

For games services from Japan, South Korea, or China that are locked, QooApp supports easy unlocking and downloading. 

You simply need to install this app on your device to be able to enjoy downloading any game you like unlimitedly. Geographical limits, national limits of games have now been addressed by QooApp.

Compared to other applications, app is considered a more secure tool for accessing limited games. At the same time, app always offers the latest and hottest games in the world. In addition, QooApp download also allows users to participate in and review and comment on the games offered on the platform.

And currently, QooApp supports users in 11 different languages, including English, so you won’t need to worry too much about the language of the app.

Free QooApp download

Free QooApp download

The main features of QooApp


  • Rich game repository for Android 
  • Download locked games 
  • Information about upcoming games  
  • Join game review


  • Allow access to games from Japan, Korea, China easily
  • It can be used on a variety of devices such as PCs, phones, and tablets.
  • Support users to manage the most popular games today
  • Provide access to many games, even old ones
  • Supports access to Japanese comics


  • The comic book is only available in Japanese
  • The stability of applications is not checked regularly
  • Many games lack a console
  • Applications that may contain malware

Why is QooApp rated so well?

Easy to download copyright games

Operating as Google Play, QooApp allows users to access, buy and download multiple games around the world, especially exclusive games in Japan, China, and South Korea.

If you love Japanese games and comics, you can now buy and download these games. The app even allows you to access and download old games or games that are only released in the Japanese market.

In short, app acts as a second Google Play. The only difference is that the app focuses only on games and comics.

Provides effectiveness when using applications

App is being loved because it acts as a download platform for GOG.com or Steam. The special thing is that the QooApp application is designed and presented more intuitively.

This app works on all devices from phones and computers to PCs. Compared to Google Play, this store is only available on mobile devices.

Currently, there is no evidence that QooApp is unsafe. Therefore, you can be assured of using it. However, you also need to be aware of the safety of the game that you are about to download.

The above article is information about the QooApp application. If you are a lover of Japanese games as well as culture then this is probably a great app for you. You can now use QooApp as a second Google Play on your device.