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By | August 28, 2021

Are you looking for an app that works like Google Play and allows you to download Japanese games and comics? Our proposal is QooApp APK, an app that supports downloading hundreds of copyrighted games from many different countries. To learn more about this app, read the article below.

All about QooApp APK

QooApp Apk

QooApp Apk

The QooApp APK is an alternative to Google Play, which aims to help users download locked games due to national restrictions on Android devices. In particular, this application is suitable for those who love Japanese games or comics when it supports accessing, buying, and downloading the best titles from Japan.

In fact, there will be many ways to access and download locked games but most existing devices are warned to be unsafe.

However, for the use of App, this application is considered safe to use because there is currently no evidence that App is unsafe or contains viruses or malware.

Besides safety, App has features that you can’t find in other tools like constantly updating game news or announcing the launch schedule of new games. In addition, users are also entitled to participate in the review and ranking of the best games on QooApp.

As such, if you are a fan of Japanese culture, including Japanese games, comics, and cartoons but cannot access it because you do not live in Japan, app will help you solve this problem. You should celebrate because, with the support of app, you can download your favorite games or comics to your device easily.

Features, application requirements, pros, and cons


QooApp Android has special features as follows:

  • Offering a rich number of games, different types of games are available in many different countries such as Japan, Korea, China
  • Support players to download locked games due to geographical limitations
  • Constantly updated with information about the games as well as the release date of the upcoming games
  • Users get comments, reviews, and feedback on games on QooApp android

QooApp apk


  • Minimum operating system requirements: Android 4.0.3.
  • Installing the app via APK file requires activating the unknown source option in the settings >  security.


  • Allow users living outside Japan access to Japanese games
  • Works on a variety of devices, including mobile devices, tablets, and computers
  • It acts as a Google Play, GOG.com, or Steam store
  • Allow users access to old and not yet released games in international markets


  • For comics, only support in Japanese
  • The stability of applications cannot be verified.
  • Most games are only for the console.
  • There are applications that contain untreated malware

Why should you use QooApp APK?

is the right app for everyone, especially those who love Japanese games and comics. There are many reasons to convince you to use this app.

First, QooApp apk acts as a second Google Play store for Android devices. The application is visually designed, easy to use. From there, users can easily find and download their favorite games.

Second, geographical restrictions cause many games to be locked in the place you live. And App was developed to remove these limits. When using QooApp, you can easily access, buy and download international version games that you like. Not only can you play locked games, but you can also play old games before or play games that are not released in the international market. Even comics, you can access your favorite comic series.

Finally, safety. If apps that support unlocking games are warned to be unsafe, app is highly rated for its safety. Currently, there is no evidence that the application has viruses or software that harms the device.

The article has just shared with you the information and features of the APP. This is a great app for everyone, especially for those who love Japanese games and comics.

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