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By | August 28, 2021

You love games or comics from Japan but are blocked from access. Don’t worry, QooApp IOS can now help you access and download your favorite games. QooApp Iphone is an application that supports accessing and unlocking games that are restricted from downloading. Let’s find out more about this app in the following article. 

All about QooApp IOS

Qooapp IOS

is an app developed by Ucus Games and classified as a type of tool. The APP tool acts as a store like Google Play, AppleStore. The difference is that APP only offers games without offering utility applications.

Currently, for reasons of geographical limitations, the games are locked. For example, there are some games from Japan, South Korea, and China that are only released in the domestic market instead of the international market. App provides games for Android devices and now has about 5 million downloads. 

In other words, can be said that this tool acts as a store that provides apps for the Google Store. QooApp.Download only offers games in the Asian market. When using QooApp, you will have many games for your Android device.

Especially for Japanese games and comics, which are regionally restricted. That means if you live outside of Japan, you won’t be able to download Japanese games and comics. And with QooApp, you don’t need to worry anymore.

Thanks to the game unlock feature that you can free to access, buy and download these games, you can even download old games or games not yet released in the international market. Is an app that allows you to access Japanese games and comics and download them to your device so you can play or read them.

In particular, offers a safe and reliable gaming approach. To unlock international game tables, you can use many ways. However, applications on the market are now warned to be unsafe. Is the exact opposite, very secure and reliable.

Features of the QooApp IOS

QooApp ios 1

Main features

  • It offers an extremely rich number of games.
  • Supports accessing, buying, and downloading locked games
  • Constantly keep up to date with information about the games available in the store as well as the release schedule of new games
  • Allow users to leave comments and reviews of games


  • Offers a lot of Japanese games and comics
  • The app works on a variety of devices such as smartphones, tablets, and computers
  • It acts as a Google Play, GOG.com, and Steam store
  • Allow access and download of old games and games not yet released 


  • Only support comics with Japanese
  • The stability of untested applications
  • Many games only have a console.
  • Apps offered are not censored for safety

Benefits of using QooApp IOS

There are many benefits that QooAp.Download brings, specifically as follows:

  • Works like GOG.com and Steam so users can access and download a lot of games, even old ones
  • Users are allowed to access, buy and download exclusive apps only available in Japan
  • It works like a 2nd Google Play, where you can download a lot of fun games
  • This app works on a variety of devices, such as phones, tablets, and PCs.
  • The app provides very safely to use without evidence that the use of APP is unsafe
  • Works as an independent app so you won’t be tracked and collected data like when using Google Play

The article has just shared with you information about the QooApp IOS, a tool that supports accessing and downloading many attractive but limited games. The app is useful for those who are passionate about Japanese games and comics but cannot download them. And the app is completely safe to use.


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